Download our free guide to discover how you can use public relations (PR) to improve your visibility with potential customers (hotels), improve your company’s credibility, shorten your sales cycle and boost your sales. 


  • About the customer buying cycle & how to apply it to your PR strategy. 
  • The answers to many common PR-related questions, including "What is PR?" & "Should I use PR or advertising to sell my product/service?"
  • How to establish your company as an expert in your area of expertise (i.e. revenue management, marketing, etc.).
  • The difference between trade media outlets in the hotel industry & other industries (and how to leverage that to get free coverage of your company and product/service!).
  • Six tips to make your expert articles more appealing to media.
  • How to make your business more profitable using PR. 


On March 1, 2018, JLNPR will launch the DIY.JLNPR online course, which will teach businesses how to develop their own highly effective B2B PR campaign targeting the hotel industry - without hiring an expensive PR agency. The course contains 30+ hours of step-by-step teaching materials, as well as easy-to-use templates, enabling you to create press releases, media alerts, a complete media kit and all other written materials necessary to execute your own PR strategy.

In short, the DIY.JLNPR course gives you the tools to more effectively sell your product/service to hotels, without blowing your marketing budget. For more more information, please contact Jennifer at or sign up to receive an email notification when pre-registration begins in the form below.


JLNPR Inc. has been working with international travel technology companies (like you!) for more than 10 years. We know the global hotel industry media market inside-and-out and this guide will share our best tips & tricks for how to use PR to boost your sales. 

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Jennifer Nagy - President

Jennifer Nagy - President